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Vanderpump Rules

Charli Burnett Shades Jax Taylor After His Exit From Vanderpump Rules as Cast Was Reportedly “Blindsided” by Jax and Brittany’s Exit, Tom Schwartz “Really Upset”

Charli Burnett Shades Jax Taylor After His Exit From Vanderpump Rules as Cast Was Reportedly "Blindsided" by Jax and Brittany's Exit, Tom Schwartz "Really Upset"

Credit: Chris Haston/Bravo, Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo

Charli Burnett is having the last laugh as it relates to Jax Taylor.

The Vanderpump Rules newbie took to Twitter on Saturday to air out some grievances she has about now-former show star Jax after he announced his departure from the series on Friday.

The two butted heads during season eight of the show when Jax sarcastically tweeted about Charli’s curious resistance to eating pasta, saying she was “full of s–t.” Lala Kent also slammed Charli as a “f–king moron,” causing the Pump Rules rookie to clap back at her co-stars.

“I never had a conversation with them until the reunion and maybe once introducing myself. To see them slander my name and go around social media and speak such nasty things about me was very defeating,” Charli admitted of Jax and Lala in May. “I’m a 24 year old girl at the time, just trying to make a name for myself…. [They are] 5-15, 20 years older than me.”

Now, after Jax and his wife Brittany Cartwright shared the news of their exits (err — getting the ax from Bravo?), Charli is giving one last twist of the social media knife with some serious shade.

“I guess I do know my role, and it’s employed. 😉,” Charli wrote on Twitter, referring to Jax telling her to “know your role, sweetie” at the season eight reunion.

Charli then responded to the Pump Rules Bravo account after they posted the “know your role” moment from the reunion, adding a little more shade to the situation.

“I’ll just leave this here,” the user tweeted. “Thank you [Charli Burnett] #PumpRules.”

“PERIOD 💁🏻,” Charli replied.

In the clip, host Andy Cohen asked Charli if she thought Jax was “threatened” by her.

“I mean, threatened enough to go on Twitter to do a rampage about me,” Charli stated. “I don’t even know this 50-year-old man. He’s basically a bully, so I honestly could give like, two s–ts about what Jax thinks or wants, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s retired and done and wrapped.”

Charli may be celebrating Jax leaving the show, but other members of the cast were apparently taken aback by the announcement.

“The cast of Vanderpump Rules found out about Jax and Brittany not returning when the couple made their announcement on Instagram,” an insider revealed to Hollywood Life“This was Jax’s news to share and he chose to share it publicly very quickly — likely because this way everyone would know at the same time — and hear it straight from him.” 

The source went on to add that “amid the pandemic and the restrictions in LA on restaurants, the other cast members are still waiting to see the future and the direction of the show.” 

Moreover, Jax’s close pal Tom Schwartz was apparently “really upset” he wasn’t told ahead of time.

He felt like Jax is more than just a cast member to him and was really upset that he didn’t call or text him,” the source shared. “Several cast members felt it was calculated and wanted the courtesy to be prepared. They really had no idea it was happening and wanted a heads up. They all felt so blindsided.”

The future of Vanderpump Rules is currently unknown as production has been halted amid the coronavirus pandemic (and numerous cast departures).


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