Monique Samuels Suggests Bravo Placed Her in “Separate Hotel” Than Rest of RHOP Cast, Slams Candiace For Wanting to Sue Her “For Millions” and Bashes Gizelle For Jamal’s No-Show at Reunion

by Cynthia Cook

Monique Samuels Suggests Bravo Placed Her in "Separate Hotel" Than Rest of RHOP Cast For Reunion, Slams Candiace For Wanting to Sue Her "For Millions" and Bashes Gizelle For Jamal's No-Show at the Reunion

After an intense season five and fiery three-part reunionMonique Samuels is leaving The Real Housewives of Potomac — but not without a few parting words.

Taking to her Twitter while watching Sunday’s finale reunion episode, Monique shared some thoughts about the drama going down on screen. First, she signed off on a fan’s comment regarding her alleged treatment by Bravo.

“Monique was placed in a separate hotel than the rest of the cast and she found out from Karen [Huger] when Karen wanted to hang out,” the fan wrote. “She had to pay for her own room to stay at the same hotel as the other cast members.”

It’s unclear if this information is true, but Monique “liked” the tweet (and several more from this user), seemingly co-signing the information about her separation from the rest of the RHOP cast.

As the night went on, Monique tweeted about Candiace Dillard-Bassett‘s legal decisions following their violent altercation, noting that she was being hawked for “millions” by Candiace and her lawyer.

“They wanted to sue me ‘for millions’ that’s why there’s so many tears and post-it notes. It’s called building a case,” Monique tweeted. “They wanted money smh.”

“And for the record, my attorney and I tried repeatedly to mediate with her after the incident and her attorney said they wanted money,” Monique went on. “Then they filed the [charges] when they realized they could not sue me civilly.”

The “Drag Queens” rapper also shared a video of Candiace talking about the “plot” to spread those Monique-cheating-with-her-trainer rumors, calling out Bravo for not showing what triggered her and her husband Chris Samuels to call out the women.

“If this didn’t happen, can you imagine how crazy they would have us looking? Gaslighting to the 100th degree!” the mother-of-three shared. “The fact they would show me and my husband’s IG Live but not show the reason we went Live in the first place? The fact I’ve had to put on a smile and keep working.”

“Why is he here? Because he’s my HUSBAND! Trick where Pastor Holy Whore?!” Monique shot back while watching Gizelle Bryant‘s comments on the reunion about Chris swooping in to back up his wife. “She so use to being alone on the couch she can’t figure out why my husband is here ????????.”

With the exception of Monique’s voluntary quitting, no word yet on the RHOP season six casting.

Photo Credit: Instarimages