Marlo Hampton Talks Full-Time Role On RHOA, Calls Out Porsha Williams For Hypocrisy And Suggests She Should Be A “Little More Classy,” Plus Teases “Full-Circle” Reunion

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Marlo Hampton Talks Full-Time Role On RHOA, Calls Out Porsha Williams For Hypocrisy And Suggests She Should Be A “Little More Classy,” Plus Teases "Full-Circle" Reunion

Marlo Hampton believes her fans deserve to see her get a peach after starring on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in a friend role for the past several years.

During a recent interview, Marlo explained why she should be upgraded before taking aim at Porsha Williams for her hypocritical behavior over Marlo’s friendship with Kenya Moore and offering some advice to Porsha in regard to her alleged hookup with stripper Bolo.

“I’m at a point now where I care for the Hamptons,” Marlo shared with The Jasmine Brand on April 6. “[They] want to see more of me [and they] deserve to really come into my life because people painted this picture of who they wanted me to be and wanted the world to see me as, and… I’m totally different.”

“You guys see fashion, me being opinionated and outspoken. You don’t see me when I’m crying, You don’t see me when I go downstairs with the boys. You don’t hear me on the phone with my mom,” Marlo explained.

During another segment of the interview, Marlo said she “absolutely” did not anticipate Porsha being so upset about her reconciliation with Kenya. After all, when Porsha was suddenly friends with Kenya following the arrival of their daughters, she had no issues with their relationship.

“I hated Kenya. [But] I didn’t stop being Porsha’s friend. As long as Kenya didn’t come back and have something to tell [about] my personal business, I didn’t care,” Marlo shared. “So now I’m [friends with] Kenya, and you have a problem with it?”

While Marlo would certainly have a problem with Kenya if she had lied about what Porsha did with the stripper, Marlo confirmed that Porsha never actually told her Kenya was lying. And, if she had, Marlo said she wouldn’t “be f*cking with Kenya because [she] don’t want no liar as [her] friend.”

Marlo went on to say she was surprised by Porsha’s reaction to Kenya’s claims against her because the Porsha she knows isn’t one to sit around and let someone lie about her, and noted that she shouldn’t have been expected to allow rumors about her involvement with Bolo continue.

“I have two teenage nephews. And Michael, he’s like, ‘Auntie! My friends at school said you slept with a stripper.’ I’m going to tell them, ‘It wasn’t me.’ Shamea said it wasn’t her because she’s married. Drew said it wasn’t her. Kenya said it wasn’t her. So sh*t, I can’t say it wasn’t me?” she asked.

Although Marlo acknowledged that she doesn’t know what went down between Porsha and Bolo, she admitted it would have bothered her had she found out that they slept together.

“It would bother me to where I would tell her, ‘You have a new light on you now. You’re doing social justice. You have little girls looking up to you. Don’t be on national TV sleeping with strippers and letting little girls look up to you think that’s okay. You need to be a little more classy,'” Marlo said.

As for where she stands with Porsha today, Marlo revealed not much has changed between them since filming.

“It’s not how it was before,” she stated. “It’s not talking on the phone, [or] texting.”

Also during the interview, Marlo suggested that the truth would be revealed during the upcoming reunion.

“The reunion will let you know everything. Everything’s going to come full circle,” she teased.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 13 airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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