Pump Rules’ Lala Kent Talks “Sad” Estrangement from Randall’s Kids, Having “Zero Closure” With Randall, and Making Out for “First Time” in Years

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Pump Rules' Lala Kent Just Made Out for the "First Time" in Years, Says Bar is "Low" for Dating After Split, and Talks "Sad" Estrangement from Randall's Kids

Lala Kent may not be ready to date “like that,” but she is putting herself out there months after her messy split from ex-fiancé Randall Emmett.

On the latest episode of her podcast, on which James Kennedy served as her guest, the Vanderpump Rules cast member discussed a recent make-out, admitted that her expectations from future love interests are “very low,” and reacted to her estrangement from Randall’s older kids, daughters London and Rylee.

“I’m not dating just one person. I went on my first group date with someone. It’s nice to have a little companion. But I’m not exclusive — I just want to have fun,” Lala explained on the February 9 episode of Give Them Lala. “I don’t want to be serious with anybody.”

According to Lala, recently tabloid reports linked her to the “wrong dude.” However, she has been getting to know some different men in recent weeks and made out with one of them.

“I made out for the first time in probably years, in years,” she shared.

As for her ideal man, Lala admitted that she’s not asking for a whole lot.

“The bar is very low for anybody, looks-wise, personality-wise. You don’t have to compete with the ex in any way, shape, or form. Anyone that I’m dating now isn’t going to be like, ‘[I’m] intimidated,'” Lala revealed, throwing some shade at her alleged cheater ex.

While Lala doesn’t have any regrets when it comes to her decision to call it quits with Randall, she said that it’s been hard not having any communication with his kids.

“The whole situation is sad and I just feel like I don’t want to talk about it. It’s complicated,” she noted.

Lala went on to say that she’s had “zero closure” about the breakup.

“And there has yet to be any type of conversation and to me, there doesn’t need to be a conversation because when you lose trust in everything that someone says, why would I need to talk to you? I’ve been lied to enough,” she stated.

Also on the episode, Lala and James looked back on the moment in which he told her he loved her in Big Bear, amid his since-ended relationship with Raquel Leviss, and expressed his concerns about her relationship with Randall.

“When I said I loved you, it was like, I have so much love for you and I just don’t want you to do something you regret or be with someone that isn’t going to treat you right,” James explained. “Part of my anger and the passion that would come out when I would talk about Randall… This guy was apparently doing a lot of sh-t wrong. And how f-cking frustrating for me with the girl that I thought was everything.”

“In Big Bear I should have listened to you,” Lala admitted. “Now, here I am, almost six years later, looking back on that moment and it’s like, I was in danger… How could you see it from the outside, but me living in it, I felt that it was so safe?”

A 10th season of Vanderpump Rules has not yet been announced.

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