RHONJ’s Joe Gorga Says His Loyalty to Teresa is “Never Reciprocated,” Explains Why Teresa Allows Jennifer to Mistreat Him as Teresa and Melissa Speak Out, Plus Live Viewing

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RHONJ's Joe Gorga Says His Loyalty to Teresa is "Never Reciprocated" and Suggests She Allows Jennifer to Mistreat Him Because She "Kisses Her A--"

Joe Gorga is putting Teresa Giudice on blast for her failure to treat him with loyalty.

Following the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, which featured the conclusion of the argument in which Jennifer Aydin shaded him as a “little b-tch” before he was kicked out of her home, Joe and Melissa Gorga spoke out about the series OG’s double standards.

“I always have her back. It’s never reciprocated,” Joe said on the March 9 episode of RHONJ: After Show. “If that was me and let’s say Margaret threw my sister out of the house… I would’ve never heard the end of it. My nieces would probably say nasty things about me. My sister would constantly remind me, over and over, ‘You didn’t stick up for me. You didn’t leave. You should’ve left the house. How dare you stay there when she kicked me out?’ I would’ve heard it a thousand different times.”

Joe also noted that Teresa likely would have never allowed Jennifer to say the things she’s said about him to other members of their family.

“If Jen called my father a crook, would my sister talk to her? Think about that,” he advised. “If she called my mom a crook, I wonder how she would react. If she said something about her daughters… When it comes to me, it’s like, with the entire family, for some reason, I’m the dishrag. They can sh-t on me, sh-t on me, if I say one thing, oh, it’s the end of the world. I feel sorry for myself, I really do, in so many ways.”

Because Jennifer so viciously attacked him and Melissa on Instagram last year (after Melissa took aim at Jennifer on the same platform), Joe feels that Teresa has chosen her over him — and claims his sister likely did so because she enjoys the attention she gets from Jennifer.

“Teresa likes attention and Jen kisses her a–. And because maybe she kisses her a– so much, my sister looks the other way. But Teresa knows who she is,” he explained. “And she already proved it to me that she was telling me, ‘No, I chose her over you,’ in so many words.”

Melissa also spoke of the situation, saying it was “pretty typical” for Teresa to snub her and Joe while demanding they have her back.

“We have to be soldiers and we get told every little minute, of like, ‘You better stick up for…’ I get the text, ‘You better do the right thing.’ But then as soon as her friend does it, not much gets said,” Melissa noted. “We are very loyal and we are the ones who don’t talk about it all the time but we actually do it. I think there’s a big difference in saying, ‘I love my family. I’m loyal to my family’ … and actually being the one who does something about it.”

According to Melissa, there’s “always a double standard” with Teresa, even though Joe “always acts in the right direction” and “backs her up.”

Over the years, Melissa has taken note of Teresa’s alignment with questionable characters on RHONJ but claims Teresa can’t see it for herself.

“She was friends with Kim D. She was friends with a lot of people on this show that didn’t end up being good people. So I think there is a little pattern here,” Melissa suspected.

As for whether or not Teresa would have truly followed through with her supposed offering to de-friend Jennifer due to Jennifer’s treatment of her and Joe, Melissa said she wasn’t sure.

“I feel like she was in a little bit of a desperate mode at that point. When Teresa cries and breaks down, she’s definitely in a spot where she’s confused and like lost. So she might have. But that’s just not who we are,” Melissa explained. “We’re not going to tell someone not to be friends with someone.”

In her own segment of the RHONJ: After Show, Teresa said she was glad that Joe and Melissa didn’t actually ask her to stop speaking with Jennifer.

“I would hope they would not tell me to do that, but I just wanted to ask them if that’s something they wanted me to do. And so I’m glad their answer was, ’No,'” Teresa admitted.

“[But] it goes both ways,” she continued. “Same thing like she’s friends with Margaret and here’s Margaret coming at me, I feel like she should be setting Margaret straight. Like, ‘Lay off my sister-in-law.’ My brother should be telling Margaret, ‘Lay off my sister or otherwise it’s going to be a problem between us.'”

During earlier episodes of the season, Margaret questioned Luis Ruelas about a bizarre video he filmed of himself begging for an ex to take him back while attending a mens-only camp.

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