RHONJ’s Margaret Josephs on Why Her Feelings About Luis Have Changed, the Real Blogger Teresa’s Talking About, and Claims of Hypocrisy Over Drink Throwing, Plus Andy Admits He Lost “[His] Sh-t” at Reunion

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RHONJ's Margaret Josephs on How She Feels About Luis Today, Blogger Drama, and Claims of Hypocrisy, Plus Andy Admits He Lost "[His] Sh-t" at Reunion

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Margaret Josephs led the charge when it came to asking questions about the swirling rumors and reports regarding the allegedly violent past of Teresa Giudice‘s now-fiancé, Luis Ruelas, on the 12th season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. But what does she think about him today?

While appearing on Tuesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Margaret responded to claims of hypocrisy and reacted to host Andy Cohen losing it at the recently taped reunion special after revealing if her opinion of Luis has changed.

“Yeah, I think at the reunion, he spoke a lot at the reunion,” Margaret confirmed on the April 26 episode of WWHL. “I think he said some very valid things at the reunion and I was very impressed with him there.”

Another fan wanted to know why Margaret didn’t have a private conversation with Teresa if she was so concerned about Luis’ past.

“I asked a question. I didn’t talk about him. I literally had asked a question,” Margaret clarified. “She was just denying, deflecting, everything else. I really just asked about what was out there. And you know what? It was hard to have a private conversation with her. She just wasn’t having it.”

Margaret then responded to a fan who wanted to know more about the recently-surfaced photos of podcast host David Yontef at Marge Sr.’s birthday party, which many took as proof that she’s close to bloggers.

“[He’s] very good friends with Marge Sr. But he’s not a blogger… He’s a podcast host. I mean, everybody’s friends. We’ve been friends for years. [And] he wasn’t even the one they were talking about,” Margaret stated. “I know who she was talking about. She was talking about Bravo and Cocktails. That’s who released everything.”

As for the allegations of hypocrisy, Margaret explained why she got so upset about Teresa clearing a table on her in Nashville when she previously threw a drink at Danielle Staub and pushed Danielle’s now-ex-husband, Marty Caffrey, into a pool.

“Teresa threw more than a drink on me. She threw an entire table of glasses and everything else,” Margaret explained. “I know analogies don’t work in New Jersey. But I’m going to attempt to use one here that maybe everyone can understand: when you have a car accident, there’s fender benders and you total a car. They’re both car accidents. I fender bendered. People can dry off. Teresa totaled a car. She could have really damaged me.”

As the WWHL episode continued, Margaret reacted to a second fan who asked her why it was okay for her to talk about Jennifer Aydin’s nose job but not okay for Teresa to speak of her figure.

“When Jennifer came in, I immediately said I didn’t recognize her and then I dialed it back right away. I said, ’That was not nice.’ I was apologetic,” Margaret mentioned. “Teresa doesn’t even apologize. She doubles down.”

Also during the show, Andy admitted that he suffered a bit of a meltdown at the reunion.

“Boy did I lose my sh-t with you ladies at the reunion. I was really like… I would’ve walked off but then it would’ve taken longer, too, to get me back,” he revealed.

“Oh my God. You were gonna kill us,” Margaret replied. “I was afraid. I never saw you so mad. I never saw you so upset.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12 reunion begins airing Tuesday, May 3, at 8/7c on Bravo.