Brandi Glanville Discusses Denise Richards’ ‘Unkind Text,’ Slams Dorinda as “Mean” When Drunk and Talks Vicki Being “Difficult,” Plus Why She Didn’t Want LVP on RHUGT

by Lindsay Cronin
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Brandi Glanville on Denise's Unkind Text, If She Thinks Denise Would Return to RHOBH, and Why She Didn't Want LVP on RHUGT, Plus Slams Dorinda as a "Mean Drunk"

Brandi Glanville recently spoke to Denise Richards via text.

Years after infamously claiming on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that the two of them hooked up, which Denise quickly denied, Brandi is revealing that she received a message from her former co-star and sharing whether or not she believes the actress would ever return to the Bravo reality series.

“She texted me after she did a radio show with Jeff Lewis that wasn’t a very kind text,” Brandi explained on Hollywood Life‘s Pay Attention, Puh-Lease! podcast. “I gave her right back a very unkind text. So that was the last time. But like b-tch just stop talking about me. We’re good.”

The episode of Jeff Lewis Live that Brandi was referring to took place this past February and featured Denise again denying that she and Brandi were intimate.

“If I f-cked her, I would have said, ‘Yeah, I f-cked her. So what?’ I never had a fling with her,” Denise insisted. “She wasn’t even filming with us. It was the weirdest thing and the weirdest storyline.”

Although Denise left RHOBH shortly after the claims were made, Brandi believes she’d return to the show if asked.

“I think she would,” Brandi said. “I don’t think many people wouldn’t, to be honest.”

Ahead of the premiere of season two of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip, the Ex-Wives Club, Brandi admitted that when it came to the cast, she did not want to film the Peacock series alongside Denise, Lisa Vanderpump, or Camille Grammer, saying “it would be a catfight.”

“It would be straight up scratching eye balls out from the get go,” Brandi said.

During another interview, Brandi explained how filming RHUGT was different than RHOBH.

“When you’re filming Housewives, if you get in a fight, you can leave and not see that person for a day or two and reset. With this, we’re all under one roof. We are doing breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch and snacks before dinner and after dinner, so you don’t get any time to reset,” Brandi explained to TODAY. “It’s ‘Housewives’ on crack.”

While Brandi established a surprising friendship with Eva Marcille, who she “drank and got high” with, she told the outlet she had drama with Dorinda Medley, who she said was a “mean drunk,” and Vicki Gunvalson, who was “difficult with everyone,” at least at first.

“In the beginning with Vicki, it was really difficult to get along with her. She just seemed like she didn’t want to be there. I was there to have fun, I was not having it. Towards the end of the trip, I definitely developed the soft spot for her,” she said. “I like Dorinda when she’s sober, and I have a newfound love for Vicki.”

Giving a nod to their recent social media feud, which was sparked by ill comments Vicki made about Dorinda’s Bluestone Manor, where RHUGT was filmed, Brandi refused to pick sides but attempted to explain Vicki’s suggestion that the residence was boring and too far from activities.

“I think that Vicki probably just meant, like yeah, we weren’t on the beach in the Turks and Caicos,” Brandi said.

Also during the interview, Brandi said Vicki was the housewife “most likely to cause drama,” and she named Tamra Judge as the one who “spills the most tea” before saying Kim Richards would have been great on the show.

“Kim Richards would have been a blast, she’s so fun and she’s so quirky. She would have not been putting up with a lot of this sh-t,” she noted.

Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip season two premieres on Thursday, June 23, on Peacock.