Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Schwartz Shares What Led to Split From Katie, How She Told Him, Talks Ideal Woman, Possible Reconciliation, and Plans for ‘Bubba’ Tattoo

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Pump Rules' Tom Schwartz on Reason for Divorce, How Katie Told Him, and Not Having Her Back, Plus Ideal Woman, Reconciliation, and Plans for 'Bubba' Tattoo

Tom Schwartz opened up about the end of his marriage while appearing on Scheana Shay‘s podcast last week.

Months after he and Katie Maloney confirmed their split to their fans and followers with emotional statements on their Instagram pages, the Vanderpump Rules cast member revealed how Katie informed him she wanted to divorce before describing his ideal woman, sharing if a reconciliation is possible, and dishing on his plans for his “Bubba” tattoo.

“Everything hit me at once, the bar, the family completely falling apart, thinking my dad was gonna die and my brother, cancer, it all came at one time,” Schwartz shared on the July 22 episode of Scheananigans. “But leading up to that, I had the coziest happiest, life. “I was thriving. I had this big beautiful house. I was madly in love. I had money in the bank. I had a hot tub. I had a lizard. Everything was good. I had my sh-t together. I had a crypto portfolio, my stocks were soaring… And it all came crashing down.”

While Schwartz said it was a combination of things that cause him and Katie to split, he admitted that if it wasn’t for the pressure surrounding his and Tom Sandoval‘s new bar, Schwartz & Sandy’s, they’d likely be together today.

“If it wasn’t for the bar, would we still be together? Yeah, we probably would, 100 percent I think we would. But I know better than to blame the bar,” he stated.

According to Schwarz, his split from Katie was heartbreaking but also “really, really healthy.”

“She sat down, and she told me… It hurt, but I respected it,” he explained.

Before attending an event together earlier this year, Katie approached Schwartz with a statement he’ll never forget: “We need to have a talk… A serious talk.”

“She looked in my soul,” he recalled. “And I was like, ‘Okay, we’ll talk.’”

Then, after the party, he and Katie sat down for that very talk.

“I almost tried to sweep it under the rug, but at that point, Katie had made up her mind,” he noted. “We sat down, and she told me, and man, she was eloquent. She chose her words very carefully, and she explained it to me, and my heart broke. [But] I think it was harder for her.”

Although Schwartz has been accused in the past of failing to have his wife’s back, he told Shay he disagrees with the sentiment.

“It’s a gross over simplification of a very deep, deep loving nuanced relationship,” he stated, admitting Katie “still feels” that way. “But I will acknowledge her feelings, and I will agree with her that a lot of the time I was very quick to dismiss her feelings.”

Going on to defend himself against the claims, Schwartz said Katie “abused that part of [our] relationship” early-on.

“She was always in a fight, always demanding I take her side. ‘It’s either me or Scheana. Don’t talk to her.’ When she was upset with someone, she wanted unconditional loyalty,” he revealed. “[But] she’s evolved.”

As for what he’s looking for in a future mate, Schwartz told Scheana, “Maybe somebody who’s easy like a Sunday morning. And I’m easy. I just like people who are easy.”

At that point of the interview, Schwartz starts to cry and confesses, “I cry a lot,” and Shay questions him about his thoughts on getting back together with Katie.

“Never say never, okay, but like, if Katie was to walk in right now like, ’Schwartz, I wanna get back together. I made a mistake.’ I would be flattered, but I would have to say, ‘No,’ which is weird, because I’m still madly in love with her, but there’d always be that seed of doubt,” he explained. “I’ll put a 10-year time frame on it. Maybe in 10 years me and Katie can get back together.”

As he adjusts to his life as a single guy, Schwartz admitted to making out with people but said he has “zero desire to get out there and date, saying, “I feel like I would just probably start crying. We would have like four cocktails, and I would start crying and talk about my dad.”

In response, Scheana told Schwartz that a similar incident took place amid Raquel Leviss‘ first post-James Kennedy engagement date with Peter Madrigal.

“She ended up crying, talking about her engagement after like, four martinis,” Scheana revealed.

As for his plans for his “Bubba” tattoo, Schwartz said he thought about changing it to Bubba Gump Shrimp before pumping the brakes on the idea.

“I love and cherish that time in my life, and unless Katie asks me to remove it out of respect for her new relationship, or her new boyfriend, husband, whatever, I’m keeping that,” he stated.

Following the impending sale of their $2.59 million home, Schwartz and Katie are sharing custody of their dogs.

“We do one week on, one week off. We don’t split up the dogs, ever. We don’t want them to be children of divorce,” Schwartz said. “She loves them with all of her heart and her soul, and I do too.”

However, when Schwartz hoped to get one more day free, Katie shot him down.

“She went off on me, and she’s not wrong. ‘You need to respect my time.’ But also… I just needed one more day.. I don’t need the f-cking lecture. [And] I can put myself in her shoes, and if the roles were reversed, I’d be like, ‘Yes, of course, take a week.'”