RHOBH’s Sutton Stracke Reacts to Erika’s “Liability” Diss, Rinna’s Attack, and Kyle’s Hypocrisy, Plus Where She Stands With Diana and Live Viewing

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RHOBH's Sutton Stracke Reacts to Erika's "Liability" Diss, Rinna’s Attack, and Kyle's Hypocrisy, Plus Where She Stands With Diana and Live Viewing

Sutton Stracke is weighing in on Erika Jayne‘s suggestion that she’s the “master of her own disaster” and a “liability” to their Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmate, Garcelle Beauvais.

Before reacting to the hypocrisy Kyle Richards displayed amid a recent episode of the show and revealing where she stands with Diana Jenkins and Crystal Kung-Minkoff after their season 12 feuds, Sutton admitted to being confused by Erika’s “ironic” diss.

“Look, I have my new house fully renovated, I’ve got two children going to very good schools on the East Coast. I’m a happy person. So I don’t know where the disaster lies in that,” Sutton told Entertainment Tonight on August 2. “Then to call me a liability, I find very ironic.”

As RHOBH fans well know, Erika is in the midst of a number of lawsuits, many of which have accused the reality star and her estranged husband, Thomas Girardi, of stealing millions of dollars from his former clients, including widows and orphans of plane crash victims.

In addition to her drama with Erika, who Sutton suggested she will ultimately face-off with over the comments, Sutton was caught in a screaming match with Lisa Rinna, during which Lisa said she will “f-cking cut [Sutton] down!”

“I’ll tell you this: I think that this season, Lisa was grieving and points of grief have lots of ebbs and flows,” Sutton explained of the intense moment, giving a nod to the 2019 passing of Lisa’s mom, Lois Rinna. “[Maybe] I was a safe place for Lisa to launch the anger part of grief, I don’t know. But I think that a lot of it was grief. I do.”

“I think there’s some real anger, but then I think that anger is heightened because of what all is going on in her personal life,” she added.

Reflecting on the ups and downs she and Lisa went through amid RHOBH season 12, including their feud over Lisa and Harry Hamlin‘s tickets to an Elton John Foundation gala, which Sutton insists she purchased, Sutton said she and her castmate have a “very complicated relationship.”

“I know her outside of this group of women. So I think that’s what makes it complicated,” she reasoned.

Sutton also butted heads with newbie Diana Jenkins, who slammed her as “fake and boring” during one particularly heated moment, and she was unable to connect with her co-star after she attempted to establish a bond over their past miscarriages — especially after Kyle, another member of the cast, felt she was making Diana’s heartbreak about herself.

“I think it’s normal in conversation to say, ‘That happened to me, too. I totally understand what you’re going through,'” Sutton said. “So I was a bit confused just trying to relate to somebody and let them know that I’m truly sorry and I should not have said that, but it didn’t go over well.”

And while Kyle suggested Sutton may have been lying about her miscarriage in an effort to make their conversation about herself, Kyle later recalled her own eating struggles during a conversation with Crystal and her eating disorder that many viewers called out as hypocritical.

In response to Kyle’s behavior, Sutton said that if she had been present for the discussion, she certainly would have spoken up.

“I would’ve said something,” she confirmed.

As for where she stands with Diana and Crystal today, Sutton said that after taking responsibility for “90 percent” of her issues with Diana, the two of them made some progress.

“Diana reached out to me on the anniversary of my dad’s suicide and she surprised me and she’s very kind,” Sutton revealed. “She made a donation to NAMI [the National Alliance on Mental Illness], who I’m an ambassador for, and which is a mental health organization.”

And regarding Crystal, Suttom admitted that every time they “get it right, it crumbles.”

“I like Crystal. She’s smart and she’s interesting to talk to. So I think we’ll always try to fix it,” she shared. “Crystal and I are like that car that you buy from the used car lot, and it breaks down and then you get it fixed and it breaks down, but it’s still a cute car. You still like that car and you don’t want to give up on it. That’s kind of our relationship.”

Also during the interview, Sutton teased the cast’s drama-filled visit to Aspen, Colorado.

“Aspen is, it’s very rocky there,” she explained. “It’s like the mountains go up and down and up and down and there’s very little oxygen, so you have to breathe out of those cans. So I think that’s very representative of the weekend that we had.”

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