‘RHONJ’ Melissa Gorga Addresses Wedding Bill Rumor, Costars Attending Teresa’s Wedding, Plus Joe Suspects Teresa Wants to “See Them Burn”

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‘RHONJ’ Melissa Gorga on Wedding Bill Rumor, Costars Attending Teresa’s Wedding

Melissa Gorga addressed recent reports about her absence from Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas‘ wedding on her podcast on Thursday.

Nearly a week after the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member and her husband, Joe Gorga, opted out of the August 6 event due to the apparent spreading of a false rumor about their marriage, which Teresa allegedly had a role in, Melissa set the record straight in regard to the bill she allegedly received, her thought on her co-stars’ attendance, and more.

“That is not true, and I would probably rip it up and throw it in the garage if I did get one. There was no bill,” Melissa confirmed of the supposed wedding bill on the August 11 episode of Melissa Gorga on Display.

And when it comes to her co-stars, including Jennifer Aydin, Margaret Josephs, Jackie Goldschneider, Dolores Catania, Jennifer Fessler, and Danielle Cabral, attending Teresa and Luis’ wedding, Melissa said she was “absolutely not” upset because she wanted “Teresa to have a beautiful day.”

“I wanted my friends to go and enjoy her day. I don’t come from a place of, ‘My argument is your argument.’ I’ve never come from that place. I stand on my own. I stand with Joe. I was never gonna in a million years gonna expect anyone else to not go to that wedding,” she stated. “Even with everything that happened, we both will always love Teresa very much and hope that she has everything she wants now and that her girls are happy and that this is Teresa’s happily ever after.”

And Joe felt the same.

“There was a lot of my friends there and they were like, ‘Listen I’m not gonna go cuz you’re not there.’ I said, ‘Absolutely not. You go and support my sister. Please,'” Joe recalled. “I’m not even gonna tell you how many didn’t wanna go. And I said, ’No, absolutely not.’ And they went.”

“It [was] just sad. [But] she’s been through a lot, and I just want her happy,” he added.

While the Gorgas have gone through many ups and downs with Teresa in recent years, Melissa feels guilt-free after their latest falling out.

“I have zero guilt when it comes to the relationship I have with [Joe’s] family. I’m not saying I’m perfect by any means… I’ve definitely done things but nothing that is serious or hurtful or to come for the family in a hurtful way,” she insisted. “And there’s many things that I’ve held onto that I haven’t said out loud because it would be hurtful. And for me… What would be the point for me to hurt another family? If Teresa’s miserable over there, or Luis is miserable, why is that going to make me happy at home?”

“It’s not. It’s going to make me feel bad. It’s going to make me feel guilty,” Melissa continued. “I want nothing to do with hurting another family.”

Although Melissa was vague about what exactly went down with Teresa amid filming on RHONJ season 13, Joe seemed to think he knew why his sister was lacking in compassion toward their family, suggesting that no one would want to hurt another family “unless you’re very, very, very jealous of that person and you want to see them burn in certain ways.”

Despite the action Teresa allegedly took against their marriage, Melissa said that she and Joe want her to be “happy” and to “have a good life.” So, when it comes to certain information, including “past altercations” they’ve had with Luis, they’ve kept details to themselves.

As the episode continued, Melissa moved on to some happier news: the impending completion of her new home.

“Our house is almost done. [But[ I feel like we’re definitely two weeks behind schedule.. Do you think we could definitely say the month of September?” Melissa asked her husband.

“The house will be done, the landscaping will be done, we will not have power, I can’t create a 300-amp service,” he replied, giving a nod to a machine he’s waiting on.

While Melissa and Joe’s home isn’t quite done, she’s already quite happy with it.

“The house, oh my God, it’s so different from my other house. It’s such a different vibe. It’s everything that I wanted. I didn’t want the McMansion. I didn’t want the oversized rooms. It’s literally the house of my dreams.”

Also, during the podcast, Joe reacted to comments he’s gotten from people who feel he and Melissa should quit the show for the sake of their family.

“I know we’re on a reality show, but if you’re pure and you’re honest, and you go in with open arms, why? Why do you have to fight? Is there a jealousy thing going on?” he wondered, answering “Not with us.”

According to Joe, he’d love to be on a reality show with his “entire family” and “Melissa’s family.”

“It would be the best reality show. We’ll laugh. We have an amazing mother-in-law. We have cousins. We have gay cousins that are amazing. We just have an amazing family,” he gushed. “I would love to bring them all in. That’s what family’s about. Let’s do this together. That’s what I’m all about — not the jealousy thing and, ‘Oh, you came on the show 15 years ago.’”

“We should do a couple episode special with them because they’re hysterical,” Melissa agreed.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime later this year or early next year.