RHOBH’s Teddi Mellencamp Reveals Mom Was Admitted Into ICU, Talks Wanting “Approval” From Dad John, and Marriage Struggles, Plus Plastic Surgery and Podcast Success

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RHOBH's Teddi Mellencamp Reveals Mom Was Admitted Into ICU, Talks Wanting "Approval" From Dad John, and Marriage Struggles, Plus Plastic Surgery and Podcast Success

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Teddi Mellencamp shared some upsetting news about her mother, Vicky Granucci, on Instagram on Monday night.

In an emotional message shared with her fans and followers, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum revealed that her mom recently paid a visit to the intensive care unit, admitting to her online audience that seeing her there “scared” her and confirming she’s now recovering.

“Hey Mom, I know I can be stubborn and set in my ways and not the easiest to have a conversation with especially when I think I am right. BUT, I just want you feeling better. Seeing you in the ICU scared me,” Teddi wrote on October 3, along with a slideshow of family photos. “I love you and just want you to have a speedy and healthy recovery. Thank you to my sister [Justice Mellencamp] who is always right there for [Vicky Granucci] – for a long time it was just the three of us doing the best we could. I am grateful to you both.”

Earlier in the day, Teddi appeared on the October 2 episode of Yahoo‘s Unapologetically, where she admitted to seeking approval from her famous father, musician John Mellencamp.

“The amount of pressure that you put on yourself when you come from a parent that is in the spotlight, and you yourself wanna be in the spotlight, is a lot,” she shared. “It’s gonna sound kind of sad, but I really wanted the approval of my dad. You want that parent that’s so successful to look at you and be like, wow. And even though they probably were like, wow, before most of the kids that I know that have parents that are really incredible at something, their kids are gonna take on that pressure.”

As for her marriage to her husband of 11 years, Edwin Arroyave, with whom she shares Slate, 9, Cruz, 8, and Dove, 2, Teddi noted that it “still takes work.”

“It’s never going to be effortless,” she explained. “As much as we want [husbands] to be mind readers, they don’t get any better at it, and that doesn’t change the longer you’ve been together. The other thing is we really try not to take ourselves too seriously with one another. He knows that I am very type A and organized and I like to be on time and that’s just who I am by nature, and he’s very fly by [the seat of your pants]. We’re just so polar opposites in that way, but we laugh about it.”

Teddi and Edwin also have different views on plastic surgery, with the former RHOBH cast member, who has gotten her boobs done and a neck lift, noting that Edwin would rather not know what she’s doing — even though he’s supportive of whatever makes her happy.

“I don’t wanna ever not look like myself. Would I get a full facelift in, you know, 20 years? I have absolutely no idea. Probably!” she noted. “I can’t say, but right now there’s not anything I’m itching to do.”

Also on the show, Teddi opened up about the success she and co-host Tamra Judge have seen with their podcast, Two Ts in a Pod.

“It’s number one every week,” Teddi declared. “Our expectations were like, OK, we’re two fired Housewives. Let’s see what happens, and then it really just has taken off. It’s an exciting turn that just reminds us, like, never give up, keep focusing on things that you’re good at and that you enjoy doing.”

“You can laugh at the hate. You can laugh at the fun. You can laugh at all the different things and as long as you surround yourself with real people that will tell you the way it is and the truth, that’s what matters in life,” she added.

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