RHOP Star Wendy Osefo Shares Update With Eddie’s Family, on Health and Where She Stands With Gizelle, Plus Karen Rumors, Mia Fight and Robyn’s Prenup Request

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RHOP’s Wendy Osefo Shares Update With Eddie’s Family, Health and Where She Stands With Gizelle, Plus Karen Rumors, Mia Fight and Robyn’s Prenup Request

Credit: Cindy Ord/Charles Sykes/Bravo

Wendy Osefo just teased a new development in her ongoing feud with her husband Eddie Osefo‘s family.

Before reacting to rumors regarding Karen Huger‘s marriage, slamming Gizelle Bryant for being stuck in the past, and offering an update on her health, the Real Housewives of Potomac cast member said that when it comes to her strained relationship with Eddie’s family,

“You definitely see a sense of movement because when I first came onto the show in season five, that was something that we addressed — the whole rift between his family and my family and where that left us and our marriage — and this season, we get back to that,” Wendy revealed during a December 18 interview with Us Weekly.. “As we approach milestone anniversaries, we’re like, ‘Well, where is the family in all of this, and what dynamic are they playing in this?’”

After confirming Eddie’s family does watch the show, Wendy said that when it came to rumors regarding Karen’s potential infidelity, she was just as shocked as viewers.

“It raised eyebrows for me when I heard it in the trailer because I wasn’t necessarily privy to that, so just to hear it when you guys heard it, I’m like, ‘She did what? And here’s what?’ So I’m tuning in like you guys are tuning in because I’m like, ‘What happened there?’” Wendy admitted.

At the start of season seven in October, fans watched as Gizelle gave Wendy the cold shoulder when she attempted to give her a friendly hug at Karen’s party. And, looking back, Wendy said that not much has changed between them.

“After the reunion, you say your peace, and then you move on from there. It wasn’t that I’m saying, ‘Hey, we’re best friends.’ It was simply being cordial because we’re adults,” Wendy explained. “She said horrible things about my family. I said stuff about her. But I think we should both be adults and be able to move forward because we’re still in the same friendship group. However, from the cold shoulder, you guys quickly see one person is stuck in the past while another person is moving forward.”

Wendy also faced tension with Mia Thornton, who threw a glass of water at her in Miami amid an argument over Wendy’s business relationship with Peter Thomas.

“I will say that myself, along with the majority of the women at the table, were all very taken aback by it because we didn’t feel like that was warranted, nor was it needed at that time,” Wendy noted. “But at the end of the day, I’m the professor, hunny. You can never take that away from me. So drink or no drink, I’m still here.”

Regarding Ashley Darby‘s split from Michael Darby, Wendy applauded her castmate for “being strong” and maintaining a “peaceful home environment for her kids,” and, when asked about Robyn Dixon‘s request for a prenup with Juan Dixon, Wendy said Robyn is “just returning the favor” after Juan did the same.

“If he gave her one, then now it’s her turn, and she’s the one who is the financial breadwinner, I guess,” Wendy explained before clarifying, “I don’t know. That’s what she says. She’s selling hats. [So] I don’t know how…”

Wendy then focused on her health, saying that after suffering a health scare amid season eight, she’s “grateful” to be “feeling so much better.”

“But I would advise everyone just to listen to your body. Sometimes, as people, I think that in society, we have this notion to always be busy or always wanting to do something, but sometimes that’s a detriment to you and to your health, so this season you guys see me in real time going through a health scare,” she revealed.

Also, during her chat with Us Weekly, Wendy addressed her tiffs with Charrisee Jackson-Jordan while also confirming she’s a fan of the RHOP cast member.

“I do like Charrisse. She came in, and she definitely added a new element to the group, and there were some moments where we butted heads but overall, I like her,” Wendy shared. “I think she definitely shook things up, literally and figuratively.”

“She was, her and Karen together, was oil and water,” Wendy added.

The Real Housewives of Potomac season seven airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.