RHOD Alum Brandi Redmond Shares Marriage Update After Cheating Scandal, Discusses How Daughter Learned of News, Quitting Show and TV Return

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Brandi Redmond's Daughter Learned of Cheating Scandal From RHOD Fan, She Talks Quitting Show, TV Return, and Marriage Update, Plus Why She Didn't Divorce

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Brandi Redmond‘s husband, Bryan Redmond, was caught kissing another woman years ago in Las Vegas. And, after the video began recirculating the web amid the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Dallas, a fan of the show sent the clip to one of the couple’s daughters.

While appearing on Savannah Chrisley‘s podcast weeks ago, Stephanie Hollman shared the disturbing detail as Brandi looked back on the difficult season five reunion, her decision to leave the series, if she’d ever do another reality show, and what really happened with Bryan and the mystery woman.

“Whenever the stuff came out with Bryan, it showed such a gross side to the people that watch because the fans would send her daughter the video, and she learned about it not from Brandi, but from a fan,” Stephanie shared on the January 10 episode of Unlocked With Savannah Chrisley. “It was just so gross because she’s a kid.”

Brandi and Bryan share four children, including daughters Brooklyn, 14, Brinkley, 11, and Brilynn, 23 months, and son Bruin, 5. And, after the rumor about his Las Vegas kiss resurfaced, she was forced to address the topic at the reunion.

“It was almost like taking a beating, a bit,” Brandi admitted, explaining that she and her family were still mourning the loss of her mother-in-law, who died in a car accident that Brinkley survived.

“[Brinkley] was in the car, and she’s dealing with that tragedy herself and the PTSD that comes with that. I just had a newborn, and they’re wanting to address if I’m choosing to stay with my husband or not. To me, it was just disgusting,” Brandi stated.

According to Brandi, Bryan was hurting just as much as she was.

“My husband, he was hurting so bad, and this video that resurfaced… It’s like someone re-put it out there to hurt us,” she shared. “But he was very straightforward with me like, ‘Look, if you want to leave me, you can leave me. I will give you anything and everything you want. I will take care of you the rest of my life.’”

Looking back at the incident herself, Stephanie said that at the time the cheating scandal broke, Brandi and her family were in a “really devastating place” but also a “really strong place” as they leaned on one another for support.

“They had a really strong, deep bond,” Stephanie noted, explaining that Bravo was unable to get a hold of Brandi during this time.

As Brandi dodged the calls of producers, she decided RHOD was no longer something she wanted to be a part of — just before the series was canceled indefinitely.

“The end for me was my mother-in-law, and then we had, I was pregnant with our fourth child, and then there’s a cheating scandal out there, and I just thought there was no way around it to where I could protect my family,” Brandi said of her exit. “It was just gonna be public no matter what, so go away gracefully and just be like, ‘Okay, this is the end for me, and I’ve enjoyed sharing my life with everyone, but at this point, it’s time to step away.'”

“The hard part is I love doing it. I love being there with my best friend. But then the hard part is that people don’t know. They think they know, and then they judge you, and they think that they know your husband, they think that they know your kids, and when they attack your husband and your children, you’re like, ’No, we all go through sh-t,'” Brandi continued.

In addition, she added, Brandi’s oldest daughter, Brooklyn, didn’t like filming.

“She really struggled with it. She wasn’t a fan,” Brandi revealed. “When the crews would come in, she would hide their materials, and so then they couldn’t find it to work. We ended up having to move her schools even because she can’t control the editing. I called Stephanie multiple times just crying because when your kid’s hurting, your hurting.”

Although Brandi confessed to feeling guilty for exposing her children to the cameras, she told Savannah she’s not writing off a future return to television. That said, a potential RHOD reboot may be out of the question.

“I think I would go back to reality television, but I think it would have to be something that was more light-hearted and fun and wasn’t so drama-driven even though I know drama sells. I think it would have to be more for the fun and laughter,” she stated.

“[A comedy-driven show] would be our dream,” Stephanie agreed. “I’m so jealous that [the Chrisley’s] had that [with Chrisley Knows Best] because whenever we signed up, we thought it was gonna be more, kinda what [the Chrisley’s] are, just fun, funny, we’re friends, just very easy things and it didn’t really pan out that way in the end. I’m so jealous of [HGTV personalities].”

“It’s always, somewhat, of a pretty bow at the end. It’s packaged nicely, it’s not too dark,” she pointed out.

As for where her marriage stands today, Brandi said she and Bryan are “amazing.”

“We’re thriving. We’re better than we’ve ever been,” she confirmed. “We have four beautiful children that drive me crazy. I think everybody goes through their own things, and I think there’s a time in our life when we weren’t putting each other first. We were focused on other things.”

According to Brandi, she doesn’t believe Bryan was trying to hurt her when he suffered a lapse of judgment in Vegas. Instead, she feels he simply “made a poor choice” and “got caught.”

As for why she decided to remain in her marriage, Brandi explained, “I’m very faith based, and I think God is a forgiving God, and he’s already forgiven us. So I think being more God-like… and I want to love everybody and forgive. But also… I don’t know if he really did anything other than this little video.”

Giving some background, Brandi revealed the two of them were in Vegas for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party before the video was taken.

“They went to one club, we went to another club, but we met up that night and stayed [together] in the same room. It’s not what it appeared to be,” Brandi noted, adding that all the video showed was Bryan kissing the woman “on her forehead.”

Brandi and Stephanie both starred on all five seasons of The Real Housewives of Dallas.