Vanderpump Rules’ Katie Maloney Slams Raquel for Disrespecting Mom, Shares Why Tom and Raquel Should Give Romance a “Shot,” & Gives Updates With Scheana, Schwartz, & Satchel

by Lindsay Cronin
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Katie Maloney on Why Tom and Raquel Should Give Romance a "Shot," Slams Raquel for Disrespecting Mom, and Talks Friendship With Schwartz, Plus Scheana and Satchel

Credit: Charlie Steffens/ Images

Katie Maloney explained why she believes Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss should give their relationship a “shot” on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

While also sharing updates on Scheana Shay and Satchel Clendenin, who she dated amid season 10, and reacting to Tom Schwartz calling her a “monster” on his past appearance on WWHL, the Vanderpump Rules star threw plenty of shade at Raquel as she confirmed if she’s dating.

“Um, no … I am very happy,” Katie revealed of her love life on the May 10 episode of WWHL.

According to Katie, her relationship with Satchel came to an end after fans saw them together on-screen, but when it comes to her former flame, she said, “Satchel’s doing good.”

“He’s got a girlfriend,” she shared.

As for her relationship with Scheana, who she feuded with throughout season 10, mainly due to Scheana’s encouragement of a romance between Schwartz and Raquel, Katie said they’re “getting to a better place.”

“I’ve seen more of her in the last couple of months than I have since the summertime, so it’s just gonna be slowly. I wanna see some action behind the apology,” she explained. “I love an apology. It’s great. It feels good anytime someone can humble and really mean it that’s great, but I think it’s been 10 years of this kinda cyclical sort of thing, and I want us just to really finally get back to a good place but it’s just gonna take some time.”

As fans may recall, Schwartz slammed his ex-wife as a “monster” on numerous occasions during his April appearance on WWHL while suggesting she abused his loyalty for years.

Looking back at the diss, Katie confirmed they have chatted since.

“We mostly just talk about dog stuff because we share our dogs, so that is pretty much the extent of it. I did send him a little bit of a rage text after that episode for sure. Just like … ‘You look like an idiot,'” she revealed.

Katie also addressed her and Schwartz’s back alley conversation, which Raquel crashed, on Wednesday’s Pump Rules.

“I was so frustrated. I just was like, ‘We either have this conversation, you and I,’ and then she’s out there. I just, I was so frustrated,” Katie recalled. “I started laughing. I couldn’t believe what was happening.”

Katie couldn’t understand why Schwartz was defending Raquel rather than having her back, which has been a common theme throughout their marriage and attempt at maintaining a friendship.

When Katie was then asked if she believes she and Schwartz will ever be able to be true friends, Katie replied, “I would think so, but he’s really gotta learn to respect. Just in a friendship you need to have a friendship and he just fails time and time again.”

Even Katie’s mom, Teri Maloney, called out Schwartz for failing, giving a nod to his kiss with Raquel.

“My mom really wanted to have that conversation with him ever since she texted him after the kiss in Mexico like weeks before. He never texted her back. She’d really been wanting to have a conversation with him so I think it went well, but it always goes well, and then two seconds later it’s just 180 again,” she stated.

As fans saw, Raquel doubled down on the idea that Katie shouldn’t have a say in what Schwartz was doing after their split, even going as far as to complain, “Oh my God,” when Teri weighed in.

“You don’t talk to my mom that way. You don’t roll your eyes at my mom,” Katie responded.

Also on WWHL, after asking, “Really,” and rolling her eyes when Raquel’s desire to take a step back to address her mental health concerns was mentioned and comparing Sandoval’s interview with Howie Mandel to a “dumpster fire” in which he “lied straight-up from the beginning,” Katie addressed Sandoval and Raquel’s future.

“I don’t know what they’re doing, but I still think maybe they should give it a shot because they’ve blown up their lives and may as well,” she reasoned.

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