Ashley Darby Gives an Update on Her “Unconventional” Marriage to Michael Amid Drama and Talks Uncertain Future of RHOP After Monique and Candiace’s Altercation, Plus RHOP Live Viewing Thread!

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Ashley Darby Gives an Update on Her Marriage to Michael Amid Drama and Talks Uncertain RHOP Future After Monique and Candiace's Altercation, Plus RHOP Live Viewing Thread!

There’s a lot of drama going on in Potomac this season, and although Ashley Darby has been known to weather the storm, the Real Housewives of Potomac star is still concerned about how the franchise moves forward as she also opens up about the status of her marriage as some drama involving her husband, Michael Darby, is set to play out on the upcoming episode.

In a new interview, Ashley discussed some of the major events of the season, starting with the recent feisty altercation between her and newcomer Wendy Osefo. As fans can recall, Wendy came for Ashley after feeling slighted when Ashley brought her new baby, Dean, on the lake house trip while Wendy had to leave her newborn, Kamrynn, at home.

Wendy has since explained herself, but Ashley was still a little hesitant to truly accept the situation.

“When Wendy lost her top, I was flabbergasted. That’s what makes her apology a little harder to accept just because she didn’t let it go in the moment,” Ashley told Entertainment Tonight on September 4. “Even now, she has to talk about it online. So, you know, I do accept the apology and … what I hope that people in general learn is that we just have to be more supportive to each other, to just be more considerate of what another person is going through. And I hope Wendy learned her lesson, too.”

Even after the dust settled at the end of last week’s episode, fans got a sneak peek of the drama that’s still to come, including the supposedly wild ways of Ashley’s husband, Michael Darby, who was accused of spending time with another woman at a hotel, and the conflict about to happen in their relationship.

“Michael and I are an unconventional couple in many ways and we have more hurdles to overcome than — in my opinion — other marriages. When people say that becoming parents can really change your relationship dynamic I … never thought that that would be me. It’s really just another way we have to strengthen our relationship,” Ashley stated. “Candiace [Dillard-Bassett] has said a lot of things that weren’t true, so I took it with a grain of salt. Then it unfolds and … boy does it unfold, I mean there’s like, layers upon layers upon layers that unfold!”

Ashley went on to explain she and Michael’s “unconventional” marriage, and teased some things she might reveal about the relationship that she argues shouldn’t “come as a shock to anybody.”

“Marriage is just so hard and … it’s really hard being a public figure and having difficulties and it’s even more difficult when you decide to talk about them and say some things that aren’t necessarily fitting the mold of what people think a marriage or should be,” she said. “I love my husband, he’s a great father, he’s a great husband and … my relationship is strong enough to withstand a lot and I’m sure there’ll be some very strong reactions to what they see and what happens but ultimately, the only person who really lays next to Michael at night and has to have these discussions is me!”

As for what else is to come on the show, Ashley dished about the “mayhem” she witnessed in the forthcoming altercation between Candiace and Monique Samuels. The new mom explained that the situation may have created a long-lasting dent in the group dynamic that left her wondering how they can move forward together.

“I personally have no clue what the fate is of our dynamic or group. Candiace is saying she doesn’t wanna be around Monique and Monique is saying she doesn’t wanna be around Candiace and I’m like well, what does that mean for the rest of us?” she shared. “We’re just a nice, dysfunctional family! You can’t have people leaving the family. I will say there’s definitely been some strategic word usage and placement of interviews and things like that that I personally have never thought to operate that way but … this is just a whole different animal.”

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