Kyle Richards Talks RHOBH Reunion Fears With Kathy Hilton, Drawing the Line With Erika, and Diana’s Donation, Plus Double Standard Claims and Putting Hands on Sutton

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Kyle Richards Talks RHOBH Reunion Fears With Kathy Hilton, Drawing the Line With Erika, and Diana's Donation, Plus Double Standard Claims and Putting Hands on Sutton

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Kyle Richards isn’t looking forward to the upcoming reunion for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12. In fact, while appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday night, she revealed she’s dreading the taping more than any other reunion special, aside from that of the series’ fifth season, which saw her at odds with sister Kim Richards.

Before explaining why she finally drew a line with Erika Jayne on the latest RHOBH episode and clapping back at claims of double standards amid Diana Jenkinsongoing feud with Sutton Stracke, Kyle admitted that when it comes to the reunion taping on Friday, she’s dreading the drama she’ll be faced to confront with sister Kathy Hilton.

“It’s gonna be difficult with my sister,” Kyle admitted on the WWHL: After Show on September 7. “We went through some hard times on the show. I had some issues with Erika and [Lisa Rinna] towards the end and I had some apologizing to do to [Garcelle Beauvais], which I already did.”

“I probably am the least, next to season five, this is the reunion I’m the least looking forward to. [It’s] the one I’m dreading the most,” she added.

Meanwhile, on the live broadcast of WWHL, Kyle explained how Erika set her off on Wednesday’s episode.

“It’s really hard because Erika’s always been a great friend to me and always very supportive but you have to draw the line somewhere, and honestly, when I heard her say, ‘The alleged victims,’ and, ‘I only care about myself,’ I had to say something, and well, you saw the result. It didn’t go over very well. But I had to. I had to speak up,” Kyle shared.

Kyle also took a stand against Erika while playing Andy Cohen‘s “Can! You! Defend Her!?,” saying that she “cannot defend” Erika’s hesitancy to turn over her $750,000 earrings to help repay estranged husband Thomas Girardi‘s fraud victims or her flirting with Garcelle’s son Oliver Saunders.

“No, I cannot defend that,” she confirmed.

When Kyle was then asked about the $100,000 donation Diana recently pledged to help Thomas’ victims, she suggested she saw it coming.

“When I watched the episode and I saw Diana saying that in her interviews I thought, okay, well, she’s gonna probably do something,” Kyle admitted. “I’m just curious what Erika thinks. That was my first thought.”

As for claims of double standards, Kyle was confronted by a fan who wanted to know why she had such a strong reaction to Sutton suggesting Diana was soulless, but then she appreciated Diana’s honesty when she called Sutton the c-word.

“Well first of all, when I had that reaction at Garcelle’s birthday, I was not in my sound mind,” Kyle noted. “I was overserved so that’s my disclaimer for that night. I would’ve changed a lot of things about that night. And about her being honest, I don’t know. I think because I saw her in a lot of pain talking about her miscarriage and all that and I felt for her in that moment but I did think it was wrong that she called her the c-word.”

And according to Kyle, she didn’t actually hear what Diana had said.

“I didn’t even hear what Diana had said and Garcelle and Kathy didn’t either… I just knew that they weren’t being nice that’s why when she wanted to leave, I said, ‘Let her go,’” Kyle revealed. “And then I actually later defended her. But Sutton’s a very good friend of mine. I’m probably the first one that was very close with her. I don’t think you can always see that on the show but I feel bad when I watch it like that because that’s not what I was feeling.”

Kyle also said that when it came to getting physical with Sutton, the scene played out a bit differently than she remembers.

“It was so bad… It gave me so much anxiety I didn’t actually watch the show for five episodes,” she shared. “But I am a touchy person if I’m talking to somebody and she’ll be like, ‘Ouch!’ But she had a bruise on her that was already there that people thought I gave to her, which is ridiculous. But I don’t like anything about that night that I did.”

Also during the live broadcast of WWHL, after confirming she and her castmates congratulated Erika on her recent court win in a group text, which saw a judge deciding she was not in cohorts with Thomas amid a $5 million case, Kyle explained why she called Kathy “high maintenance” after she arrived to Aspen in comfy clothes and slippers and asked for napkin and utensils at dinner.

“Those things were already out there, which people didn’t see. And she can be high maintenance and she admits that herself,” Kyle revealed. “She tends to ask me for a lot cuz I’m the baby sister.”

“And by the way,” she added, “she was in the bunk beds because she likes to sleep late and she asked me in advance for the quietest room and that was the quietest room in the house… She was happy there.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.