Karen Huger Discusses RHOP Regret, Where She Stands With Candiace After Cheating Claim, and Ray Wanting Chris to Apologize, Plus Wendy vs Mia Feud

by Lindsay Cronin
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Karen Huger on RHOP Regret, Candiace's Marriage Claim, and Ray Wanting Chris to Apologize, Plus Wendy vs Mia and Being "Switzerland"

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Karen Huger is sharing what she regrets about the seventh season of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

While appearing on Sunday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Karen was asked if believed someone should’ve spoken up after Wendy Osefo apologized to Mia Thornton for her role in their Miami fight, and Mia didn’t reciprocate.

“I really do,” Karen admitted on the December 11 episode of WWHL. “I should’ve thought it was huge of Wendy because actually Mia was certainly the initiator and in the very wrong. I certainly respect Wendy more because not only did she own, at the table, at that time, that she was passing around rumors out of anger, but then she womaned up and gave her an apology at the table.”

“I feel like someone should’ve said something, i.e. Mia, to reciprocate,” Karen added.

She then reacted to the conversation Candiace Dillard-Bassett and Ashley Darby had about her marriage, during which Candiace suggested that Karen had potentially been unfaithful to her husband, Ray Huger.

“I have to say, when I watched it, I realized that Candiace realized she had gotten on the wrong train — the Ashley train — cuz Ashley certainly slammed her so she came back to big sister Karen. But don’t do it again, Candiace,” Karen warned, before noting, “I forgive her, though, and we’re in a good place.”

During Sunday night’s RHOP, Ray was seen telling Chris Bassett to apologize to Gizelle Bryant after Gizelle accused him of making her uncomfortable. However, according to Karen, Ray wasn’t doing so in an effort to convince Chris to admit to wrongdoing.

“I have to side Ray. He’s my husband. He went out on the limb, just trying to be an example of taking the lead, being the bigger person in this group. This isn’t moving anywhere so he wanted Chris to possibly understand apologizing for her taking it the wrong way and that was it,” she explained. “No guilt implied. Just for her feelings.”

When a fan wanted to know if Karen was willing to admit that she was inspired to create a live show after learning Gizelle and Robyn Dixon were putting one on for their live podcast, Karen said, “Absolutely not,” claiming she was actually inspired by Wendy Williams.

Then, during a game with host Andy Cohen, Karen was asked to pick between Wendy and Mia, naming Wendy as the “more loyal” of the two and declaring Mia as the one who was “more wrong” amid their dinner fight in Miami.

As for whether or not she likes smoking weed, Karen said, “I do, I do, but out of the country. I like it in Jamaica.”

Although Robyn seemingly made amends with both Candiace and Wendy, Karen made it clear that while she was “absolutely” happy to see Candiace and Robyn get on better terms, she wasn’t so sure Wendy’s reconciliation with Robyn would last, emphasizing the word “begin” when Andy said they were beginning to come together.

Also on the live broadcast, Karen was questioned by a fan who suggested that her being “Switzerland,” in terms of Wendy and Mia’s feud, wasn’t effective, especially when one person was way more at fault.

“I am the Switzerland of the group and it’s important that I be, obviously, everyone else is out of control,” Karen explained. “I certainly was clear in what I was saying. Mia was absolutely wrong for tossing a drink and then my girl Wendy was wrong for egging on with the rumors about G. So two wrongs cancel each other out.”

“I stand,” she added.

Later, during the WWHL: After Show, a fan questioned Karen about which would happen first: Ashley and Michael Darby‘s divorce or Robyn and Juan Dixon‘s wedding.

“Michael and Ashley’s divorce,” she replied.

The Real Housewives of Potomac season seven airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.