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Real Housewives of New York City

Luann de Lesseps Addresses the Excessive Drinking on RHONY and Says Costars Should be “More Careful,” Shares Regret Over How She Treated Sonja Morgan, Plus She Thinks Ramona ‘Singles Out’ Leah

Luann de Lesseps Explains Why She's Not Drinking During Quarantine and Calls Out RHONY Cast For Hypocritically Critiquing Her, Plus She Gives an Update on Her Cabaret Tour

As a seasoned cast member of The Real Housewives of New York CityLuann de Lesseps is addressing the excessive drinking on the show by some of her co-stars as she also speaks out about Ramona Singer trying to control the narrative.

Many RHONY viewers have weighed in about some of their favorite ladies’ excessive drinking. They’re concerned their behavior is going a bit over the line… something Luann appears to agree with.

“A lot of the women — and I’m not naming names — need to be more careful and more aware,” Luann told Entertainment Tonight regarding the group’s alcohol intake. “I think it’s time to check in with yourself. I’m not giving any advice to anybody on those terms, because that’s going to fall flat coming from me. You know, I just take it day by day and I do the best that I can do for myself … but I feel like we could definitely reel in and on the drinking part.”

Considering Luann’s difficult journey with drinking on the show, she’s certainly concerned with being around the “vacations and parties” where there’s “a lot of drinking going on.” However, she feels she has a better handle on it this time around.

That’s why it was especially difficult for her to bear the brunt of Dorinda’s fury in the Berkshires as she referenced Luann’s mugshot amid their confrontation.

“For her to keep bringing it up is just, it’s like sucker punching somebody,” Luann said. “I suffered enough, and that she keeps bringing it up is more of a reflection about her than it is about me.”

Their confrontation dealt with how Luann treated Sonja regarding her cabaret show [non] payment, causing a rift between essentially the whole group of women.

“I learned from watching myself and I thought, oh my God, I think I handled it badly and I wish I could have handled it differently and really gotten [my] point across,” she shared.

The cabaret star continued to explain how she wants a re-do of the conversation around her show and Sonja’s compensation — something she plans to bring up at the season 12 reunion (which was recently reported as being set to tape in-person).

“My show started out very small in New York at 54 Below. I wasn’t making money in the beginning, and Broadway is scale and everybody gets the same,” she explained. “It’s, you know, ‘favored nations’ … [and] Sonja doesn’t really come up and perform. She just comes up and says hello and basically, you know, did a little dance with me, then took off her dress. So, maybe I should’ve spent more on her stripping? Maybe that’s a different scale.”

After Ramona’s birthday party (that definitely included her “50 best friends“), viewers got a taste of some unprecedented breaking the fourth wall on RHONY, as Ramona became so upset at Luann, Dorinda MedleyElyse Slaine, and mainly Leah McSweeney for their dancing that she told production to shut down and threatened to quit the show.

“Did she threaten to quit the show? I missed that,” Luann stated, admitting that antics like this were a pretty common occurrence for Ramona. “She was embarrassed by Leah’s behavior, not that Leah was not behaving any differently than anybody else.”

In the recent episode, as the girls arrived in Mexico for a getaway, the feud between Leah and Ramona carried on, as Leah confronted Ramona directly about her hypocritical treatment of her vs. Sonja Morgan, who can be, let’s say, a little wild at times as well.

“Ramona, I think, judges Leah more harshly than she does Sonja,” Luann remarked. “I think she’s used to Sonja’s antics and with Leah, she’s always giving her motherly advice and thought her behavior was ‘not classy.’ You know, Ramona loves to weigh in on Leah way too much and you’ll have to see what happens.”

Photos Credit: WENN Rights Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo, Bravo


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