Vanderpump Rules’ Raquel Leviss Shares Thoughts on James’ Girlfriend Ally, Suggests He Has “Mommy Issues” as He Defends Moving on So “Soon” After Split

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Vanderpump Rules' Raquel Leviss Reacts to James' Girlfriend Ally, Suggests He Has "Mommy Issues" as He Defends Moving on So "Soon" After Split

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James Kennedy will be seen defending his relationship with girlfriend Ally Lewber on the Vanderpump Rules premiere.

As he called Ally on the way to perform a DJ set at SUR Restaurant, and Raquel Leviss spoke to co-star Charli Burnett on her own drive to waitress at the venue, James addressed claims of having moved on too quickly from his engagement to Raquel, which was called off in late 2021, just before James and Ally went public.

“Hi, my love, how’s work?” James asks Ally in the season 10 episode, shared by Bravo’s The Daily Dish on February 2. “I wish you weren’t working so late so you could come. I miss you.”

While James was “excited” to perform at SUR, telling Ally it “should be a great night,” he also notes that Raquel will be working.

“Well that’ll be fun,” Ally sarcastically responds as James says, “Uh, not really.”

In a confessional, James opens up about his romance with Ally, admitting the two of them met weeks after his and Raquel’s split.

“I met Ally about five or six weeks after Raquel and I broke up. A lot of people want to say that’s really soon but you can’t put a f-cking date on love,” he states. “I’m not even that guy that would like, just get a girlfriend for the f-ck of it, like, live with a girl, unless I’m f-cking obsessed, you know what I mean? I need that a– in my bed every time I wake up.”

Meanwhile, as she’s driving over to SUR, Raquel informs Charli she’s on her way to the restaurant.

“Are you nervous to see James?” Charli asks.

“I mean, a little,” Raquel admits, noting that she previously met Ally at an awards show.

“I went over to say, ‘Hello.’ He introduced me to Ally and then I ran away,” she recalls of their meeting in a confessional of her own.

She then gets a bit shady, adding, “I don’t know anything about James’ new girlfriend except for the fact that she looks exactly like his mom. He’s got some real mommy issues.”

Later in the Pump Rules episode, Raquel is seen arriving at SUR, where Peter Madrigal is already working.

“So the other night was a lot of fun,” he tells his co-star of a date they went on after her and James’ breakup.

“Yeah,” she agrees.

“Peter was the first guy to ask me out on a date since breaking up with James. I wouldn’t really say that Peter’s my type, but Peter’s like an actual man, not a man-child,” Raquel goes on to explain in a confessional.

Then, after Peter suggests the two of them go get the nachos she’d hoped to indulge in on their previous date, Raquel makes her intentions clear.

“I want to keep it very casual, low-key,” she tells him.

Vanderpump Rules season 10 premieres on Wednesday, February 8, at 9/8c on Bravo.