Lala Kent Reacts to Tom Sandoval’s “Bully” Diss, Addresses “Horrific” Allegations Against Ex Randall Emmett, and Shades Him for Banning Ocean From Vanderpump Rules

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Lala Kent Reacts to Tom Sandoval's "Bully" Diss, Addresses "Horrific" Allegations Against Ex Randall Emmett, and Shades Him for Banning Ocean From Vanderpump Rules

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Lala Kent is reacting to the Los Angeles Times’ shocking allegations against her ex-fiancé, Randall Emmett.

While attending a Vanderpump Rules viewing party earlier this week, Lala shared her thoughts on the many claims against Randall, including allegations of exchanging sexual favors for roles in his films, before calling him out for banning their daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett, 23-months, from filming, and putting Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval on blast.

“It’s horrific and disturbing, and it’s why I’m in a custody battle,” Lala told Entertainment Tonight of the exposé on Tuesday. “Ocean Kent has to be protected. It’s really bad … I’m doing what I need to do to ensure her safety and her future.”

According to Lala, the bombshell report made Randall look like “a mini Harvey Weinstein,” but she’s heard “much worse.”

Following Lala and Randall’s breakup in late 2021, Randall announced he would no longer be appearing on Pump Rules and ultimately confirmed he would not be allowing their child to film, which Lala found hypocritical.

“He likes to be in the spotlight, he had no problem parading my child into scenes when he was a part of it, and now suddenly it’s not good for her?” she wondered.

As Lala filmed season 10 in 2022 and Randall was faced with numerous accusations, including racial discrimination, she said the show “saved” her.

“I needed to get out of what my life was, and I wanted to be around my friends and feel supported, and listen to what was going on in their life. It just felt like the most epic purge,” she explained. “It was like therapy every day.”

During one recent episode of Pump Rules, Lala met with Lisa Vanderpump, who suggested she ignored red flags.

“I did understand that she was asking the tough questions that a lot of people wanted to know,” Lala said of the criticism. “I understood the drill … I know my hands are not exactly clean. I was stupid. I should’ve asked the tough questions.”

Looking back at their years-long relationship, Lala admitted to being “very comfortable” and believing she and Randall were a “really great couple.”

“What I’m realizing is, I was the great one and made him tolerable,” she continued, adding that she’s “so happy that [they] never got married!”

“That was the biggest blessing in disguise,” she noted.

As for Randall’s current partner, who Lala said on Watch What Happens Live last week is his fiancée, Lala expressed confusion in his denial.

“It’s so funny, because in the press he has people deny it, but when I refer to her that way, no one corrects me,” she shared.

She then noted that she “[loves]” the unnamed woman.

“You should be parading it around, because that woman that is, like, in that torture chamber with you literally saved my life. So, I love that girl,” she confirmed.

Although Lala and Randall have been locked in a bitter custody battle for months, she said she’s “pretty unaffected” by him.

“He’s like a little fruit fly, where you’re annoying, but you’re not hurting me,” she declared.

Amid her battle with Randall last year, Lala made headlines as she cut ties with Schwartz due to his ongoing friendship with Randall.

“I was going to war,” she declares. “I couldn’t have anybody who wasn’t with me, because they were a liability. Schwartz just, he doesn’t like conflict, and that’s cute when you’re young, but as you get older, like, you have to stand for something. You have to choose something. There are big-boy pants that you gotta put on at some point.”

As fans saw in the Pump Rules trailer, Schwartz slammed Lala as a “bootleg Housewife” amid an argument and poked fun at her plumped lips.

“I took it as a huge compliment,” Lala responded. “Coming from a bootleg man, I didn’t think much of it.”

According to Lala, Schwartz is to blame for much of the drama that went down between Katie Maloney and Raquel Leviss following his hookup with Raquel.

“The person to really blame here is Tom Schwartz. Like, why is no one directing any anger at him?” she asked. “It’s insane to me; and we keep saying that we want to build with this group, and like the girls have to have each other’s backs, and then something like this happens and, yes, there’s a lot of people to blame, but I think the main one is Tom Schwartz.”

Lala even signaled to recent rumors suggesting Schwartz is dating Jo Wenberg, noting that she is “another girl who’s been in the friend group.”

Although Lala has been labeled as hypocritical due to the fact that she cheated on Randall with James Kennedy amid his relationship with Raquel, she pointed out that their rendezvous took place five years ago.

“I knew that this season and my past were going to clash,” Lala stated. “I’m not blind to the fact that it is hypocritical. But we also have to live in the now.”

As for Sandoval slamming her as a “bully,” Lala said she was underwhelmed.

“I’m not the biggest fan,” she said of her castmate. “A bully who’s bored? It’s like, I wish it would’ve been more intense than that. It was very uneventful to see that and read that. I was like, really? That’s all you’ve got?”

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