RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant on Where She Stands With Wendy and Karen Today, Ex Chat Room Co-Hosts Leaving Show, and Co-Parenting With Jamal

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RHOP's Gizelle Bryant on Where She Stands With Wendy Osefo and Karen Huger, Those Eddie Rumors, and Co-Parenting With Jamal, Plus Talks Returning Beauty LineGizelle Bryant butted heads with Wendy Osefo and Karen Huger throughout season six of The Real Housewives of Potomac, but where do they stand today?

During a recent interview, Gizelle offered updates on where she stands with her castmates before explaining why she spoke of false rumors suggesting Eddie Osefo was cheating, dishing on her co-parenting relationship with Jamal Bryant, and sharing plans to relaunch her beauty brand.

“I’m over it. I don’t have any issues with Wendy. She may have issues with me. But I am totally fine with Wendy and her new body,” Gizelle confirmed on an October episode of Chanel in the City.

As for Karen, Gizelle said that while her co-star “said and participated in a lot of horrible things” about her and her family last season, they are now in a “better place.”

“A lot of times Karen does a lot of bad things and doesn’t ever own them. She likes to try and justify it in some kind of way and if I’m telling you, ‘You’ve done these things, they weren’t nice, they hurt my family, then you’ve gotta own it.’ But I’m happy that now we’ve gotten to a better place,” Gizelle shared.

While she and Wendy were unable to get their friendship back on track, Gizelle didn’t seem to have any regrets when it came to her comments about Eddie. Instead, she insisted that she and the other RHOP ladies were coming from a good place.

“She doesn’t have self-esteem and social media can be very hard to handle. So the issue was like, ‘All these things are coming up about you, are you okay?’” Gizelle explained. “And she took it like, ‘Gizelle’s trying to destroy my family because she’s bringing up these rumors with Eddie and this women.’ No. We all said we don’t believe it. She really got overly angry about us talking about it saying that it wasn’t true and defending her husband.”

“I knew the way she acted was totally uncalled for and even watching it back, I was like, ‘Woah, that was even worse than I remember it to be,’” Gizelle continued.

Following a split from Jamal earlier this year, Gizelle said the two of them are doing great as they continue to raise their three daughters as a family.

“Jamal’s been in my life forever. I really can’t remember when he wasn’t. So talking to him two, three, four times a day [is] going to happen whether we’re together or not. That’s my guy. Jamal is family for life,” she gushed.

As for her future, Gizelle is currently planning to expand her beauty line after facing challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m currently looking to revamp EveryHue,” she revealed. “EveryHue Beauty got hit horribly with the pandemic. Our manufacturer went out of business. But I’m looking to redo it. I’m looking to get more into skincare. I want to come out with something that’s affordable for everyone.”

Also during the interview, Gizelle looked back at her time on Bravo’s Chat Room and said she was hopeful for a third season.

“[Hannah Berner] and [Kate Chastain] were amazing. I felt like from the gate, the four of us had great chemistry with one another. I loved working with them. When we came back it was just me and Porsha and we were rotating in different people. When the producers told us we were going to do that, I was like, ‘Woah.’ The beauty to Chat Room is chemistry and when you throw in people that you don’t know, it kind of might mess up the chemistry,” she recalled.

Luckily, despite Gizelle’s concern, the series continued without a hitch following Hannah and Kate’s exits.

“I felt like it was so refreshing to see and hear different people every night,” she noted.