Jeff Lewis Shares Update on Co-Parenting With Ex Gage as Andy Cohen Reveals Why Flipping Out Ended, Plus How Jeff Feels About Show’s Cancelation and More Kids

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Jeff Lewis Shares Update on Co-Parenting With Gage as Andy Explains Why Flipping Out Ended, Plus How Jeff Feels About Show's Cancelation and More Kids

Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images, Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo

Jeff Lewis offered an update on his co-parenting relationship with former boyfriend Gage Edward on a recent episode of his radio show.

After welcoming guest Andy Cohen, who revealed he ran into Gage while he was on a date, Jeff reacted to his ex’s potential new romance while also sharing where they stand today and reacting to Andy’s explanation of why Flipping Out came to an end after 11 seasons.

“I’m glad. Hopefully, he’ll be in a good mood,” Jeff said of Gage on Radio Andy‘s Jeff Lewis Live. “I wonder if he’s dating someone. He’s very secretive about it. I think he thinks I’m going to be upset about it, which I’m not.”

As Jeff explained, he and Gage haven’t been together for over three years. And, as they continue to raise their daughter, Monroe, 5, he wants to see his former partner “happy.”

“When he’s happy, it’s easier to co-parent with him. I don’t know [if he’d say the same about me]. But it was good. We didn’t have any issues,” Jeff revealed. “I asked him if I could take her for a week to New York. He said, ‘Yes.’ We’re working really well together.”

Looking back at the end of Flipping Out, Jeff wanted to know if Andy and his fellow executives at Bravo held a vote.

“I was told by the Bravo executives that you all were in the same room and you had voted on whether or not to do a season 12 of Flipping Out and that five out of six people thought that the show could not continue on without Jenni. Do you all still feel that way?” he asked his radio show guest.

And, after confirming he’s “not in charge of the programing at Bravo anymore,” Andy admitted that when it came to moving forward with a 12th season, he took Jeff’s falling out with Jenni Pulos into account.

“I don’t know that there was a room with a formal vote but I think that I was in favor of finding something else to do with you at that time and not continuing with Flipping Out. I thought that in the end, you were not your, in the beginning, that show, part of the reason it was so successful is people loved seeing you and [Zoila Chavez]. People loved seeing you and Jenni. Both of those relationships at the end of [season 11] were out,” Andy noted. “They were not existing anymore so I know that I was one of the people who thought they shouldn’t keep doing it.”

Although Jeff was disappointed by the cancelation of his show at the time, he now looks at the end of the series as a blessing.

“I will say in hindsight… They say that rejection is God’s protection. I think if there had been a season 12 and 13, I think with the whole Gage war, it would’ve been ugly and dark and something that I probably would never have wanted on television,” he reasoned, the joking, “[I talk about it on the radio] because then it’s my side of the story and you never hear Gage’s side.”

“It actually ended up being ideal,” he added of Flipping Out‘s cancelation.

Also on the show, Jeff discussed having more kids.

“I feel like I need to have a second because Monroe is so damn spoiled,” he revealed. “I tried to. The embryo didn’t take but I have one more. Why not? I’ll try the one more. If it doesn’t work, I’m done. I’m not going to start the whole process again.”