Brittany Cartwright on Least Favorite Moments of Vanderpump Rules, Depression After Bravo Exit, & Hardest Part of Birth for Jax, Plus Teases TV Return and Talks Weight Loss

by Lindsay Cronin
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 Brittany Cartwright on Least and Favorite Moments of Vanderpump Rules, Hardest Part of Birth for Jax, and Being Depressed After Bravo Exit, Plus Teases TV Return and Talks Weight Loss

Credit: O’Connor/AFF-USA

Brittany Cartwright is looking back on the ups and downs she endured during her time on Vanderpump Rules nearly two years after she and her husband, Jax Taylor, announced their exits from the series.

Before confirming she and Jax are in talks to make their TV return and discussing her recent weight loss with Jenny Craig, Brittany opened up about her least and most favorite moments of the show and shared what Jax thought was the hardest part of son Cruz’s April 2021 birth.

“A lot of people were attacking Jax. A lot of people thought I was weak for staying with Jax [after he cheated with Faith Stowers]… So you have to deal with a lot of that stuff. It’s hard,” Brittany revealed of her harder moments on Pump Rules on the August 4 episode of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast.

Luckily, it wasn’t all bad.

“There’s also many amazing things, like my engagement was on there. My wedding was on there. So those times are fun to relive and look back on,” Brittany noted.

In April of last year, just months after departing from Pump Rules, Brittany and Jax welcomed son Cruz in a birth that wasn’t exactly easy.

“It wasn’t like the worst, by any means. But I got an epidural [and] it didn’t work,” Brittany shared. “They had to take it out, put it back in a couple of times. Jax said that was the hardest part for him to watch. [But] it was still beautiful. I got to watch him come out in the mirror. I let [Jax] watch, and my mom [Sherri Cartwright] was in the room, too.”

As for their plans for more kids, Brittany said, “He wants two. I want three.”

Reflecting on her exit from the show, Brittany confirmed it was “during” her pregnancy, which made the lifestyle change “a lot” to cope with.

“I was very in my head. I will say I probably got a little bit depressed at times, but I just kept trying to focus on Cruz,” she explained.

Now, after leaving the network and starting a family, Brittany is ready to be back on television and said she and Jax are “praying, praying, praying that we’ll be back soon.”

Brittany went on to say that Cruz will be a part of her and Jax’s upcoming project and noted that their return to the spotlight will be “separate” from Pump Rules, despite recent rumors suggesting she and other OGs could return for season 10.

“I can’t say 100 percent because you never know what will happen. We’re in the very beginning stages. But we are filming stuff, and we are getting there,” she revealed. “So knock on wood.”

Moving on to her recent weight loss, which came after she signed on to be a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, Brittany admitted to gaining not only baby weight, but also quarantine weight.

“I gained like 70 pounds. And I had also gained 20 pounds quarantine weight, so I was the biggest I ever thought I’d be in my entire life,” Brittany admitted.

So, when Jenny Craig approached her, she jumped at the chance to work with the well-known brand.

“I was so honored. Mariah Carey did this,” she stated. “Jenny Craig has been around forever. Growing up as a child and stuff, I saw the commercials I watched them all the time, and I was just so honored that they wanted it to be me.”

And since becoming a part of the team in January, Brittany has lost 30 pounds.

“It’s really worked wonders for me… I’m very proud of myself,” she proclaimed, admitting that she was previously a “big time snacker.

“Me and Jax love to watch our Netflix, and it took its toll on me, and it kept adding up over time,” she confessed. “[But] with Jenny Craig, I learned how to do intermittent fasting, and that was a big change for me. I saw it immediately. I’m working out so much more. I’ve been so focused and dedicated. And I’ve put out there to a lot of people that I’m trying to lose weight, so that holds me accountable.”