Lisa Vanderpump Admits There’s a Chance She’ll Return to RHOBH, Talks Rinna Exit, and Possible Kyle Reconciliation, Plus Explains Sutton Pic and Admits She “Cried” for Lala

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Lisa Vanderpump Admits There's a Chance She'll Return to RHOBH, Talks Rinna Exit, and Possible Kyle Reconciliation, Plus Explains Sutton Pic and Admits She "Cried" for Lala

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Lisa Vanderpump is saying “never say never” when it comes to making a potential return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — and revealing there’s “something” that could get her back.

Before opening up about the support she gave Lala Kent amid her custody drama with ex-fiancé Randall Emmett, Vanderpump reacted to the possibility of returning, addressed Lisa Rinna‘s recent exit from the show, revealed how she ended up with Sutton Stracke in Paris, and more.

“Of course there’s always something that can get me back,” Vanderpump confirmed on the February 8 episode of E! News. “I’ve always said I’ll never say never but I’m so busy right now with opening a new restaurant too, in Vegas, now I’m doing another two. It’s like, really, I have a full-time job already.”

After admitting she wasn’t shocked that Rinna left the show “because my ear is very close to the ground,” Vanderpump addressed her ongoing feud with former friend Kyle Richards, admitting that she is unsure about a future reconciliation.

“I don’t know about that. It would take a little bit,” she noted.

While Vanderpump and Kyle have remained estranged in the years that followed their season nine “Puppy Gate” falling out, Vanderpump has grown close to Garcelle Beauvais and recently spent time with Sutton in France.

“I was in Paris just coincidentally at the same time as her and we have a mutual friend. Listen, I’m very close with Garcelle. I love Garcelle. Her son works, you see him on the show. I think she’s a really good woman… She sees things the way as I do and reacts to things as they’re happening rather than preconceived ideas and she says that Sutton is a lovely woman so I was happy to meet her,” Vanderpump explained.

She then addressed the new season of Vanderpump Rules.

“It was a very different season I have to say, especially to last year. I didn’t like last year. It felt much stiffer because of the COVID regulations and everybody felt a little kinda inhabited. But this year,” she shared, “it really gets going straight away.”

“There were a very different set of problems and you know with this group they’re always so open and sharing everything but it was kinda more grown up version of Vanderpump Rules because we were talking about divorce and selling assets and starting business. Before it was ‘you slept with my boyfriend,’” Vanderpump continued.

While Vanderpump teased more grown-up issues, there was some hookup drama between the cast.

“I kinda saw both sides of it really,” Vanderpump said of Tom Schwartz‘s makeout with Raquel Leviss. “Sometimes I find myself in a difficult position because they come to me and they ask my advice. I think when you watch it you’ll make up your mind but it was kinda divided on people’s reactions … If it was my ex-husband, I would’ve bloody killed him.”

Meanwhile, at the Pump Rules season 10 premiere on Tuesday, Vanderpump also spoke of the new episodes, revealing she “cried” for Lala, who is like a daughter to her.

“I’m always emotionally involved with everything [the show’s cast members] do,” Vanderpump told Page Six. “I’ve cried for Lala. I’ve cried about the allegations against Randall, who I loved.”

“I loved him because I loved her — clearly, not enough,” she added.

Also speaking to Page Six, Lala praised Vanderpump as her “ride-or-die” as she got emotional speaking of her support.

“I adore this woman more than anything,” she admitted as Vanderpump stood beside her. “She’s offered me an incredible opportunity, but when my life took a decline, she was there for me … Sorry, I get emotional when I see her. She’s been amazing.”

In the trailer for season 10, Lala is seen telling Vanderpump, through tears, “I wanna know why people are accusing [Randall] of the things they’re accusing him of.” However, when it came to disclosing details about the specific accusations she was referring to on camera, Lala said there are “some things that don’t need to be on television.”

“My situation is very delicate, so I’m gonna steer clear of it,” she explained to Page Six.

As Pump Rules fans have likely heard, Randall was accused of being investigated by the FBI for “suspected child exploitation and pedophilia” by his ex-wife (Randall referred to these claims as “disgusting” and “untrue”), Ambyr Childers, who filed for a couple of restraining orders against him at the end of last year before the two of them “settled their differences” and her requests were dismissed.

While Randall has accused Lala and Ambyr of teaming up against him in an effort to destroy his reputation, Lala insisted to Page Six that the two of them have an authentic friendship after “[squashing]” their beef years ago.

“We’re still close. I really love and adore her, and I think she’s a great woman,” Lala said of Ambyr. “She’s incredible. I don’t know that many people are as resilient as she is and as forgiving as she is. It speaks volumes about her character, and I’m just honored to have her in my life.”

Also during her interview, Lala confirmed daughter Ocean “will not be appearing … at all” on season 10 because “the other side would not allow it.”

Vanderpump Rules season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.