Jackie Goldschneider Addresses Melissa & Joe Skipping Teresa’s Wedding, Future on RHONJ Amid Demotion Rumors, Plus Teases New Season, and Why She Wouldn’t Get Porsche For Kids

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Jackie Goldschneider on Gorgas Skipping Teresa's Wedding, Her "Very Jersey" Look, and Appearing in "Every" Episode of "Heavy" Season Amid Demotion Rumors

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Jackie Goldscheider doesn’t blame Melissa and Joe Gorga for opting out of Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas‘ recent wedding.

Before sharing her thoughts on Teresa’s wedding look and the fact that she and Margaret Josephs were both in attendance at their Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star’s August 6 ceremony, Jackie said that when it came to Melissa and Joe’s absences, the couple made the “right decision” to avoid the event.

Knowing the lead-up to making that decision, I was not shocked at all. I completely understand and support them not having attended the wedding. It was the right decision for them, for sure, [and] you’ll understand it when you see,” Jackie revealed on the August 17 episode of Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap.

“It will be very hard for anyone to say, in my opinion, ‘She should’ve gone anyway,'” she added.

As RHONJ fans have surely heard, Teresa has been accused of pushing a rumor suggesting Melissa cheated on Joe with their family friend, actor Nick Barotta. And according to Jackie, who didn’t mention the rumor outright, she believes the ladies may never get back to a decent place in their relationship.

“Unfortunately I do think it’s true,” she said of a permanent estrangement. “I just feel like it’s been so many years of terrible drama between the two families and at some point, it’s so toxic you have to walk away. And I think that’s the point she’s at right now… But who knows? They always seem to go back so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the end, [and] I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not.”

While the majority of the chatter surrounding Teresa and Luis’ wedding has been about who didn’t attend, it is also worth noting who did.

“I thought it was kinda surreal when [Evan Goldschneider] and I were walking in I was like, ‘We’ve really come a long way in two years… For us now to be here at Teresa’s wedding and legit [be] happy for her and celebrating her and Luis was just wild to me.’ I would’ve never thought back then that there was any way back for us,” Jackie admitted, giving a nod to her own feud with Teresa, which was prompted by cheating rumors Teresa repeated about Evan.

And Jackie and Evan didn’t just attend the wedding — they had a “really good time.”

“[It was] a fun date night,” Jackie explained. “At my table, on my left was [Dorinda Medley]. On my right was Frank Catania. Right behind me was Jill Zarin. It was just a really really fun night out and of course it was nice to see Teresa find her happily ever after.”

In addition to the discussion surrounding Melissa and Joe skipping the wedding, there’s also been a lot of talk about Teresa’s look, specifically her over-the-top, sky-high hair.

“I understand why she wanted to make a statement and that hair was a statement,” Jackie said in response to the ‘do. “It was not a choice I would have made but it was suitable for Teresa. It was Teresa… The whole look was very Teresa. It was very Jersey. It was over the top. I’m sure it was exactly what she wanted.”

As for Margaret’s attendance, Jackie teased that “some stuff gets smoothed out this season… and some stuff explodes.”

“There’s a lot to getting to the point of who was at the wedding and who was not at the wedding. There is a season’s worth of excitement,” she added.

Since May, Jackie has been targeted with a slew of rumors suggesting she will be featured only in a “friend” role for season 13. And although she “really can’t say anything about it,” she noted that Bravo “doesn’t make final decisions on anything” until the season starts.

“Take last season: [Traci Lynn Johnson] was supposed to be a housewife and then at the 11th hour, Traci was not a housewife. So you really never know,” she explained. “All I know is that the job I did this season was no different than what I have done any of the four seasons before it. I showed up. [And] I’m confident I will be in every single episode of this show.”

While Jackie’s position on the series’ 13th season has yet to be confirmed, a number of new ladies have been revealed, including Danielle CabralRachel Fuda, and Jennifer Fessler.

“They bring a lot of excitement… Every single person brings a lot to it, including the new women,” Jackie shared.

But it wasn’t all fun and games. In fact, after describing the first parts of the season as “lighter,” “petty,” and “fun,” Jackie said the show took “a little turn.”

“It got very heavy,” she confirmed.

Also during the interview, Jackie was asked if she and Evan would buy a Porsche for one of their kids, as Melissa and Joe recently did for their 17-year-old daughter Antonia.

“We do spend a lot of money on our kids. We just don’t put it on Instagram,” Jackie began. “But I don’t think I would and that’s only a personal thing. I personally feel like if you give modest gifts, they appreciate it more. If you give them everything on a silver platter, they come to expect it. So Evan is very adamant that our kids will start with Toyotas like he did. I might go a little bit higher. We’ll see.”

“[But] I think it’s amazing that Joe and Melissa have worked so hard that they can afford to buy their daughter a Porsche for her birthday. And I hope she drives it in good health and is careful on the road,” she added.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 is expected to begin airing on Bravo later this year or early next year.