Lala Kent Shares Where She Stands With Vanderpump Rules Cast and Katie Post-Split, Talks Signing on for Season 10 the “Night Before” Filming, Plus “Cordial” Relationship With Jax

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Lala Kent on Signing on for Pump Rules Season 10 the "Night Before" Filming, Katie Being "Lighter" Post-Split, and "Cordial" Relationship With Jax, Plus Brittany vs Stassi

Lala Kent wasn’t sure about returning to Vanderpump Rules for season 10 until the night before filming began.

After suggesting she may not return months ago, Lala revealed what prompted the decision before sharing where she stands with her current and past castmates and addressing Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright‘s ongoing feud with Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark.

“I literally was still deciding if I wanted to come back the night before we even started,” Lala admitted to Us Weekly on July 15. “I was ping-ponging. I’m like, ‘Do we do this? Do we not do this?’ And then, you know, I watch one OG episode of Real Housewives of New York and I’m itching for a camera to be in my face.”

While Lala was on the fence for a period of time, she’s feeling excited that fans will soon see her as a single woman.

“This is the first time that people are gonna see me completely single — thinking about my child, venturing into the dating world. So that part I’m super excited for,” Lala explained, giving a nod to Ocean Kent Emmett, her 16-month-old daughter she shares with former fiancé Randall Emmett.

Also single on season 10 is Katie Maloney, who split from Tom Schwartz earlier this year.

“We’re both back living in apartments and we’re like, ‘It’s single girl summer,’” Lala revealed, noting that she is “so sad” about Katie and Schwartz’s marriage ending.

“Katie seems lighter to me,” she continued of her co-star. “The heaviness is gone and I’ve always said it’s a luxury to see Katie when she’s in, like, a vulnerable state. And I’ve seen that throughout her separation and her divorce, and she’s opened up to me a lot.”

Although Lala said she doesn’t feel like she’s had to “pick a side,” she did cut Schwartz out of her life months ago after learning her co-star had remained close to Randall following his cheating scandal in late 2021. And as she revealed to Us Weekly, she hasn’t seen him or Tom Sandoval since filming began last week.

“I have a lot to lose. I have to keep my circle tight. And I don’t necessarily know if once someone has done me wrong in this situation … I think I just wanna burn the bridge,” Lala explained of her dynamic with Schwartz.

As she remains at odds with the Toms, Lala said she’s in a “great place” with Scheana Shay after the two of them learned how to communicate with one another.

“I don’t know why it took us so long to conquer that. But babies do something to you,” she shared.

“It’ll be fun to finally enter a season where like I’m not coming for Scheana. But then again, we’re filming a reality show. So who knows, right? ‘Hey, everything’s great.’ Tomorrow, you know, it could be off with your head,” Lala added.

But for now, Lala is loving spending time with Scheana — and her fiancé, Brock Davies, who she infamously called out for failing to pay child support during season nine.

“Back then, if you would’ve told me they’re gonna be together a year and some change from now, I would be shook and say, ‘There’s no effing way,’” Lala said. “But I’ve had many amazing moments with Brock by himself, Brock with Scheana, seeing him as a dad. And I just have a new respect for him… I think when you get to sit down with someone and talk about like the nitty gritty and what happened, it offers you perspective. So I definitely have a different viewpoint of him. And I’m really happy that Scheana found someone like him.”

As for the other single cast members of Pump Rules, Lala said she’s “excited” to see Raquel Leviss.

“I wouldn’t say that she and I are close by any means, but you know, I’ve gotten used to her,” Lala confessed, adding that she’s remained “very close” with Raquel’s ex-fiancé, James Kennedy.

“I’m very close with James. He’s out living his life. We have the type of friendship where we don’t need to talk every day. We just kind of pick up where we left off,” Lala said.

Lala’s even made amends with Charli Burnett, who she sparred with throughout season nine.

“Charli and I have been texting a lot recently,” she revealed. “She’s got a roster — her words, not mine — a roster of fine men that she wants to introduce me to. So I will be taking her up on that.”

Though Lala is “cordial” with former cast member Jax, she noted that her efforts to remain civil with him are only out of respect for his wife.

“I’m cordial with him because Brittany [Cartwright] is one of my best friends,” Lala explained to Us Weekly.

And while she’s also a close friend of Stassi’s, she said she’s stayed out of their recent drama, which was prompted by Jax and Brittany pulling out of Stassi and Beau’s wedding on the day they left for Italy.

“I’m kind of in my own world right now. So I learned that Scheana did a podcast with Brittany [about the drama]. I have yet to hear it,” Lala admitted. “[But] Brittany is one of my nearest and dearest friends [and] I really hope that at least Stassi and Brittany can get to a good place.”

Vanderpump Rules season 10 is expected to begin airing later this year or early next year on Bravo.